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Chiswick Stallholders: July 6 2019

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Stallholder Selling Stall
Philip Allen UK and overseas transport original photographs(1940/5/60), books, postcards, ephemera 3
Roy Allen Pre-owned paper, postcards, books, maps. 4/5
Gerald Baker Collectable Transport Books, Official Publicity, Ephemera. 11
R K Blencowe Photographs. 34/35
Stewart Blencowe Photographs, Timetables. 16/17
Bluebell Railway Books, ephemera, magazines, etc. 19
Julian Bowden Bus & coach photographs, magazines, books, greeting cards and DVDs. Diecast model buses. 36/37
Buffer Stops Railway Memorabilia 51/52
Simon Butler Black/White photographs. Transport paperwork and memorabilia 22/23
Dilwyn Chambers Railway and Bus Ephemera. 44
CIBS Videos & Books Bus & Railway Books. 30/31
Kenn Conlon Books 45/46
Peter Cowan Second Hand Railway Books 38
Godfrey Croughton Tickets & Luggage Labels. 41
Reg Davies Transport Books and Ephemera. 14/15
Old Railway Tickets Tickets, luggage labels. 10
Siobhan Garibaldi Timetables & Working Timetables 39
Nigel Howells Transport Ephemera & books. 49/50
Barry Jones Books, magazines, ephemera, photographs, model railways. 1/2
Lewisham Toys and Models Transport related books, models, photos etc. 55/56
Graham Lunn Die-cast, Models, Photographs. 47/48
Brian Moakes Books, ephemera. Paperchase magazine. 8/9
National Trolleybus Association Trolleybus, bus and tram books. 24/25
Nevis Railway Bookshops Railway Books, photographs, ephemera, ABCs. 26/27/28
RCTS RCTS publications, Books, videos, DVDs, Photographs. 20/21
Micheal R Rooum Bus: timetables, badges, books, maps, ephemera 12/13
SCT Publishing New Transport Books 18
David Smith Books etc. 40
Soundtracks Books, magazines, DVDs, Videos, CDs, tapes and records. 29
The Syndicate New and Secondhand books, photographs, tickets, luggage labels. 32/33
Transport Auctions of London Transport Collectables 42/43
S J Wakerly Bus and Railway Books. 6/7

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